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What is the "Old Ways"Partnership?

The Partnership is between two hobbyists, who enjoy restoring machines from a "bygone era".


decaesed 25-12-2008 my Good Friend Ap van den Akker 61 years old.After a long sick-bed

The partnership between Henk and Ap came about around 1990. Henk, a service mechanic for STILL forklifts, began working close together with Ap, who was at that time an administrator of his company's forklift fleet.Both these men discovered each others appreciation of the old techniques, Henk in restoring old tractors and stationary engines and Ap in restoring old cars. At that time Ap was restoring a Mercedes Benz 170V and Henk his Kramer KB 180 Tractor. Henk's big problem was lack of space for his tractors but Ap had exactly that, so they agreed to team up and began working together.This resulted in the partnership they still enjoy to this day! Usually they get together about three times a week and on Saturdays in order to keep the "old-timers" in top condition.At night when they go the work shed you can hear them say:"we're going to the STICHTING( "Partnership"). This is where we got the name for it, actually it is not a real partnership as much as it is a club!From time to time donators, supporters and others with the same interest in "the old ways" come to visit and/or help with our restoration projects. One of them is Dirk, who is pleased to be able to use our sandblaster to remove the rust from his collection of Massey Harris Pony tractors. Helmert is another member with his own big collection of old tractors, and is also busy with the restoration of an Allgaier and his interests in LANZ tractors. Check out our web site and you will find "before" and "after" photos of these wonderful old machines from a bygone era.

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First the website got a new jacked! The navigation is now in a frame structure.This was necessary for better navigation. The website at present(10-2-2001)has 175 HTML documents and 339 photos and pictures, a total of 514 file´s! A lot of people don´t now this! I have also switched from Frontpage Express to Homesite( a text editor), this is for smaller file´s(a website has more speed and greater possibilities). I hope you like the information on our site and get a lot of pleasure from visiting it!.Within "the back door"is even now not possible(for example from a link of a other site, direct to for example Henks Kramerpage). When you do this, there is no navigation!Also the "oude trekkerpagina(old tractor page)"is not longer a part alone! This part of the website is now insider of the website of Stichting "de olde techniek".

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